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picture of laura morgan

Laura Morgan, CMC, is a certified
geriatric care manager whose practice
serves the greater Los Angeles area.

a brief description about laura morgan services from a client
"Laura became involved with my
family during a challenging
transition in my mother’s illness.
She served as a highly effective
collaborator who expertly navigated
and managed a variety of complex
medical, interpersonal, and
administrative issues to improve
my mother’s quality of life and
our family’s ability to understand
and respond to these issues. Her
compassion and great sense of
humor made our challenges much
easier to deal with. Laura is
simply excellent at what she does.”
N.L., Arcadia, CA

She first became interested in the
elder-care field based on experiences
with her father, who had suffered from
Alzheimer’s Disease, her beloved
aunt, and an older friend whose
care she began managing.

Laura is a member of the National Association of
Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM). She was
accepted into NAPGCM based on her certification, continuing
education and extensive case management experience at
Glendale Memorial Hospital’s geriatric psychiatry unit. During
her nearly two years at the hospital, Laura worked closely
with older adults experiencing a wide range of age-related
medical as well as cognative and mental health issues such as
chronic depression, dementia/Alzheimer’s and bi-polar disorder.
She also provided education and support to family members.

Laura is a strong advocate for her clients, striving to give
them the highest possible quality of life regardless of
physical and/or behavioral limitations.

Before entering the elder-care field, Laura was the
Director of Communications and media spokesperson
for the Los Angeles Times. She graduated Cum Laude
from Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles, where
she earned her BA in Sociology.